In 1992 when it became legally possible to establish ETNOFON, I was finally able to realize a long time dream. For twenty years I had been traveling the world playing concerts with the Vízöntõ and Kolinda ensembles and my experiences on tour made it increasingly clear to me that something was lacking here in Hungary. There was no business entity with the principal goal of presenting Hungarian folk music both in Hungary and beyond its borders.
So – as Hungary’s first independent folk music label – in the beginning, we concentrated on collecting and documenting traditional folk music in our region, preparation of educational materials on folk music, making recordings of folk-based musical arrangements and archiving and releasing collections of traditional folk music. Over the years, we have also been involved in many activities and projects to preserve the folklore of the ethnic groups that live in the Carpathian Basin. ETNOFON has been dedicated to making the authentic folk culture of our region available to the general public.

Our homepage has this same goal.

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